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Businesses that resist vaccine passport program could be forced to close: BC Government


by Victoria Femia


August 29, 2021

The threat of a forced closure hangs over businesses that refuse to take part in B.C.’s vaccine passport program.

“We expect all relevant businesses to comply with public health orders, and the Province will be engaging with them over the next several weeks to support them with this work,” said the Ministry of Health in a statement Thursday evening.

“If individuals or businesses do not comply, there are enforcement measures, such as closure, that can be considered.”

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  1. Remember folks, from 1933 to 1938 not even Hitler’s Nazi party enforced any mandates preventing Germans from doing business with Jewish businesses or institutions. The Nazis certainly frowned upon Germans doing business with Jews, but no mandated enforcing discrimination until after Crystal Night.

    Remember folks for example during the 1950’s the US South did not have any mandates forcing businesses to discriminate against black American citizens.

    FF to today in BC and in other locations, that the B.C. government here under Dr. Bonnie Henry ARE MANDATING DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ONE SEGEMT OF A LAWFUL SOCIETY!!! Dr. Bonnie Henry and the BC NDP Government are committing acts of discrimination that even the racist governments of the US Deep South did not do to black Americans, nor from 1933-1938 the Nazis did not do to Jews… THINK ABOUT IT! Then maybe tell the B.C. government and Dr. Bonnie Henry these truths that they are acting worse than the Nazis did and Souther racist governments did. On top of that these covid 19 vax card mandates HAVE NO SCIENCE BEHIND THEM!

  2. They have all been working behind the scenes for years and the so called pandemic 😷 was there way to get the world to bow down to their fucked up and monster 👹 plan. BUILD BACK BETTER don’t it make you sick to hear that over and over again and again. I’m so angry with all of this bullshit. My husband died because they shut everything down in the hospitals and couldn’t get the procedures done that he needed so bad,so yeah I am definitely devastated that this was such a crock of shit and people are still bowing down to the dictator idiots off our government. God bless you all so much that are trying to help us 🙏

  3. Any folks who think Covid 19 proof of vaccine passports is a good thing and only restores your rights, are people who are IDIOTS!.

    These likely illegal and unconstitutional vax passports do not give double vaxxed any more rights.

    Before all of this shit, Canada among other so called free nations had FREEDOM of mobility, and of lawfully carrying out business with anyone you and in return they wanted to. No government bureaucracy limitations. But these immoral and again likely unconstitutional Covid 19 proof of vax passports turn what was RIGHTS into privileges. I ONLY WISH YOU IDIOTS WHO TOOT SUPPORT FOR THEM WOULD GET WHAT I SAY HERE INTO YOUR THICK DAMNED HEADS!

    If you support these passports you agree to having your rights removed and replaced by privileges. I can prove it by having you take this test.

    If you have freely chosen to be double vaxxed, I ask that you arrange to enter any of the following places, restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, sports events WITHOUT YOUR PROOF OF VACCINATION CARD! See if you get in by your word only telling the door man that you are truly double vaxxed…. SEE IF THE GUY LETS YOU IN!

    Do you all see my point? Without your proof of vax card or app, YOU HAVE NO MORE RIGHTS THAN THE UNVAXXED! So therefore you have allowed the government to strip away your freedom of mobility and freedom of conducting lawful business rights, to have them replaced by “YOUR PAPERS PLEASE” privileges.

    This is the shit we sent many men to fight and die for??? I DON’T THINK SO! Proof of Covid 19 vaccination cards has nothing to do with health or SARS-coV-2! It is pure government abuse. PUSH BACK! JUST SAY NO! If you accept what I said here then spread the message in conversation with others including government officials.

  4. You are right,the vax will have no more freedom than we will have because it’s all about controlling all of us just like hitler did with all those poor souls that he so horribly killed. I’m confused that everyone is not seeing it. Remember if they continue to get so many of you to follow don’t think it’s going to end or get better you are wrong it’s only going to get a lot worse. Do your own search and find out what’s going on.

  5. Typical stooge or mindless drone says, “Those that go unvaxxed are being selfish!”

    The reply is and should be:

    No, it is you who push the experimental Covid 19 injections and this includes the FDA failed standards approval one the Phizer injection for it still under clinical studies until 2023, who are selfish.

    You freely took your jabs, nobody here including those who do not wish to be a part of this global experiment told you to not take your injections. But you aholes feel you have the right to demand others give up their own God given body and life autonomy just to suit your damned freakish, nutty, paranoid minds. THAT IS THE PICTURE OF SELFISHNESS!

    You made your own choice regardless of your reasoning to participate as an experimental guinea pig. F!NE! NOBODY TOLD YOU NOT TO! But you anti-liberty, anti-freedom twats now feel that you have the right to have the obviously Lucifer following governments force these injections onto others or have them lose their civil rights. HOW DAMNED SICK IN YOUR MINDS MUST YOU ALL BE!?!

    The POS Macron in France claims only a minority of the French are upset by his draconian civil rights robbing mandates against those who choose not to participate in this experiment. In other words he feels the majorities will over these experimental injections should prevail over the civil rights of the so called minority he claims exist over ‘vaccine’ injections in France. If this mentality is allowed to stand, it shows via history where these vile minds tend to lead a nation too, and that is not pretty folks.

    Even if you have majority rule does not abrogate civil rights of any others including a minority group. FFS think for once in your lives. Be you Covid 19 vaxxed or not, you are all on the same page of possible and likely probable tyranny! If you think it then stops at Covid 19 vax passports, YOU ARE NUTS!

    This is not about a low lethality virus… IT REALLY NEVER WAS! This about abuse of power by governments, its bureaucracy and even in bed with large media and other corporations. Do not feel that you are protected by having your Covid 19 proof of vax pass.

    PUSHBACK vaxed or not. DO NOT SHOW YOUR VAX PASS TO ANY BUSINESS THAT DEMANDS IT! It’s none of their business if you are Covid 19 vaxed or not! Stop doing business with any businesses that try to enforce such. MAKE THEM PAY AT THEIR BOTTOM LINE!

    If you are an employee of an ignorant employer pushing you to be Covid 19 vaxxed, JUST SAY NO! Force them to make the decision to either accept your rights or possibly fire you! They can’t fire you all if enough of you say no! But also state to them that it looks as if your value to them as a good and a productive employee is only worth a DAMNED and LOOKING TO BE MORE AND MORE USELESS AT HELPING EXPERIMENTAL INJECTION! ATTEMPT TO GUILT THESE BASTARDS INTO STOPIN THEIR ABUSE!

    This concerted effort by all vaxxed or not will see governments and idiot employers back down. STAY VIGILANT! OBTW it’s election time in Canada and our POS PM wants to spend over $1billion tax dollars including taxes the un Covid 19 vaxxed will pay to essentially have us build our own virtual, electronic rights stealing prisons.

    SO STOP BEING SMUG IDIOT LITTLE SHEEP IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN YOUR COVID 19 VAX PASS! You are not free and if you support this nonsense you are the selfish ones.

  6. For as long as I can remember when you take a vaccine it’s only for the person that takes it not for anyone else,so if this so called vaccine is supposed to be safe and like the other ones tell me what the problem is why they are trying to get it in every man woman and child. I can’t remember that every happening before. The way they are pushing this makes me even more nervous about it and it is ABUSE to the highest level,has long as I’ve been on earth I have always had a choice about my own body so what has changed? Can anyone tell me . Oh I think I might know it’s because the corruption in our government has been there for so many years now the plandemic really proved that if they want control over everybody they got it. I’m sure you will see in the days to come it’s going to get a lot worse. I’ll let all you vaxxers know that if I decided to take this poison ☠️ it won’t be for you or your family it’ll be for me and me alone. HAVE ANYONE EVER TAKEN A VACCINE FOR ANYONE ELSE BEFORE????? I would love to know.

  7. Kim,

    You are correct, vaccinations have ALWAYS been for the protection of the person being vaccinated. Traditional vaccines by design build up immunity to the virus or illness they are designed for. If anyone believes the Covid19 ‘non’ vaccines do the same then why the Hell do you care if others take the injections or not, YOU are said to be protected.

    If you listen to what the pharmaceuticals companies say, these Covid 19 injections only are said to reduce your symptoms. They tell us now that they cannot reduce contraction rates of the SARS-coV-2 virus nor do they stop you from possibly spreading the SARS-coV-2 virus. Thus the conundrum, the Covid 19 vaxed can catch SARS-coV-2 virus at a similar rate as the unvaxed for SARS-coV-2 virus. The SARS-coV-2 vaxed can spread the virus as much and many experts say including Dr. Fauci more than the SARS-coV-2 unvaxed.

    So this being the case then again why do those who freely took the injections care if others do not for it make no difference to them personally? Why do those who freely took these injections now believe they have the right to either discriminate those who freely choose not to take the injections or even feel they have the right to force others to take the injections? Josef Mengele wannabes I guess!?!