by Dustin Nemos

Nemos News Network

August 19, 2021

Growing Trend of Leftwing Arson, From Oregon to California, Antifa Incel Rage Burns Forests

“How many Americans must fear waking up to a hellacious inferno because our educators have begun to brainwash our children into thinking Communism is good, and Marxism is the way to take us there?”

It’s not global warming.

Gary Stephen Maynard was charged with starting the 2021 Ranch Fire on August 7 and is suspected of starting the Moon and Conard Fires in the same area on August 5 and 7, respectively. He may be linked to two other blazes in Northern California.

Mr. Maynard is a former instructor at universities in California including Santa Clara and Sonoma State

From CNN:

“Maynard was a part-time lecturer at Sonoma State University in its Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice during the fall of 2020, a university spokesperson told CNN. He taught two seminars on the topics of criminal justice and deviant behavior, according to school officials. Maynard was filling in for a faculty member who was on leave and was not reappointed for Spring 2021, the school spokesperson said.”

Sonoma State University welcomed him as a new lecturer on August 31, 2020. See here.

“Dr. Gary Maynard graduated from Bowling Green State University, University of Alaska Fairbanks and Stony Brook University. He has three master’s degree (political science, theater arts, and sociology) and a Ph.D. in sociology.  His teaching and research focus on the following topics: sociology of technology/social media, social psychology, sociology of health, deviance and crime, sociology of the mass media, youth and adolescence, global sociology, environmental sociology, the sociology of sports, the sociology of drug abuse and alcoholism and quantitative research methods.”

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