by Dustin Nemos

Nemos News Network

August 4, 2021

First Covid Vaxxed Autopsy Found to Contain Spike Proteins in Every Organ of Body

“Essentially, while the Covid-19 vaccine triggered a measurable immune response within the body, it did not seem to stop the spread of the virus throughout the body or the spike proteins that caused his organs to fail.”

Researchers from Germany conducted the world’s first-ever postmortem study
The German scientific report titled “First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2”, was published in June 2021 in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, on a corpse that had been vaccinated against Covid-19 prior to death.They discovered that every single organ of the deceased person’s body had become infested with spike proteins as a result of the vaccine after examining the autopsy of an 86-year-old man who had received a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine but died a month later after becoming infected with Coronavirus by a nearby patient at a hospital. Medical history included systemic arterial hypertension, chronic venous insufficiency, dementia, and prostate carcinoma.

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