Racism is no longer a social phenomenon– it is a neo-totalitarian weapon to control all aspects of life in our country.


by Brad Saltzberg

July 21, 2021

Regardless of political affiliation, most Canadians will be in agreement that our nation is changing at lighting speed. Events which ten years ago would have raised a collective gasp today barely register on the social radar.

No issue symbolizes this transformation as well as recent arson attacks on Canadian churches. This week, an early-morning fire destroyed St. George Coptic Orthodox Church in Surrey, Greater Vancouver’s largest suburban community.

Forty additional churches in Canada have been burned to the ground in past weeks. Media have labelled the burnings as acts of arson in response to the discovery of graves found beneath Indigenous residential schools.

Cultural Action Party are not here to question the validity of the claims. What we will focus on is reaction to these recent events. Curious it is to witness government response to the situation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has labelled the church burnings “understandable.” Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole condemned the actions. Yet, what is unusual is not public statements from politicians– but rather the collective silence from within Canada’s political arena. It is here we uncover a giant mystery:

There are 338 members of Parliament. The number of provincial MLA’s across Canada include some 700 individuals. On a municipal level, we have at least 100 city mayors, and some 500 city councillors.

As our elderly generation will recall,  Canada was founded by British and French-Europeans. Nearly all were either Catholic or Protestant. Every prime minister in history has come from these two denominations.

As such, Canada’s general population was for 90% of its history of Christian heritage. Fast forward to 2021 society, and some 70% of politicians–as well as the public– are of Christian extraction.

And yet none have a problem with the torching of forty Christian churches?   Holy Cow– is this not the odd-ball occurrence of our time? Think it over, fellow patriots– not a single MP that CAP is aware of has stood up and publicly condemned the arson attacks in clearly defined terms.

What does this say about the state of our society? Plenty, to be sure. The very reason why establishment media’s lips are sealed in this regard.

Let CAP draw a salient conclusion: there is something horribly wrong with Canada at this point in history. It is also at this point that the leader of our nation is a Trudeau family member. In this fact is found the seed for the “hour of our discontent.”

Naturally, if media refrain from positioning the current attack on Christianity in the manner referenced herein, then they do not have to answer the most pertinent question of all:

Why is it that a collective silence on the church burnings exists? From St. John’s City Hall to Ottawa, onward to the provincial legislature in Victoria, B.C. Silence is the order of the day.

Therefore, it is up to fringe players like Cultural Action Party to offer speculation:

— Canada is in 2021 an anti-Christian society. We are not an anti-Sikh or anti-Muslim society–these religious communities are sanctioned by government to be acceptable, and worthy of advancement within society.

— Someone must pay the cost for historical racism. The fact that it is historical indicates that contemporary citizens are not responsible for the oppression. This is to be overlooked entirely by media as instructed by government.

— Our nation is earmarked for a transformation in governance. Democracy is to be eroded, and replaced with neo-communism. As such, “Old Stock” citizens– Anglophones, Christians and such– are to be marginalized within post-modern society.

And then we have the most insidious reason of all– to support Christianity is to advocate racism. This Justin Trudeau accomplished by synthesizing the Christian faith with persecution of Aboriginal Canadians— so perfectly manifest in the residential school discoveries.

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Bottom-Line Result: Canadian politicians at all levels refrain from speaking against church burnings because they do not want to appear racist— a death knell for any public figure in Canada.

See what tricky Trudeau has done? He and his scheming backers have elevated the issue of race to the level where it is today controlling Canadian society.

Racism is no longer a social phenomenon– but rather a neo-totalitarian weapon to control all aspects of life in our country. Such are the manifestations of Trudeau’s nascent proclamations of a “sunny ways “society.

Oh Canada– you have been successfully swindled.


— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est.2016)



  1. Never mind the politicians–what about the church leaders themselves? Look at the websites of any evangelical denomination or school in this country, and they can’t virtue-signal fast enough on issues of race–especially ones they had nothing to do with–but there’s not a peep from them when it comes to church burnings or illegal restrictions on their freedom. They’re like the “dumb dogs” of Isaiah 56:10.

    So far, the only Christian response I’ve seen has been by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and that’s merely “sadness”–not anger.

    What a bunch of spineless milquetoasts.

  2. Jack,

    I agree that it seems man Christian Churches have been too quiet about the attacks on Christianity and the Churches, including the fires. Being Christian does not mean being a wet noodle, it does not mean not having a strong voice to condemn any attacks on churches and the faith.

    Residential schools were from a different time and a different set of priorities. Many Indigenous people believe they got a better education in residential schools, it was not all terrible. But to stamp today’s often blow hard, virtue signalling values onto ideals of a different time is just wrong.

    Every politician should be CONDEMNING the church fires. Every media talking head should be condemning the church fires. But sadly all too many Christian churches are milquetoast and that does not inspire confidence in the faith. After all Jesus turned over tables in the temples and ran the money changers and gamblers out of the temples. Being Christian does not mean you just take abuse even criminal abuse. You defend your faith and values and push back all the while willingly to hold open forgiveness and compassion to those who have seen their sinful ways and attacks to turn away from such.

    Christians all over Canada MUST find common ground and VOTE out any politicians starting with Castro’s illegitimate son Trudeau for being hateful towards Christian faith and values as well as enabling such hate by their steadfast quietness in not condemning the church fires.

    You can’t rest your Christian morals on all things political or what our politicians do that socially wrong, unconstitutional and sinful. SO CHRISTIANS PICK A COUPLE OF THINGS OR SO! Such as government silence on attacks of Christianity for one, not condemning the church fires for two, and of course the pathetic and rabid lust for abortion three, well you see my point, pick only 2 or 3 issues that all Christians can rally around. Christians MUST begin to see things and vote like a block from coast to coast to coast.

    • Amen. The late Carl McIntire, longtime pastor in New Jersey, was always saying, “Freedom is everybody’s business–your business, my business, the church’s business–and a man who will not use his freedom to defend his freedom does not deserve his freedom.”

      • Yep, I just need or want to make this point again LOUD and CLEAR!

        CHRISTIANS MUST BEGIN TO RALLY AND VOTE AS A UNIFIED BLOCK! Other religions and cultures tend to do so out of their (almost always wrongful, corrupted and hateful) ideals. Christians if you want your faith to be strong and protected in Canada and any western world nations, who represent the only great society ever, must think strong on a few unifying issues and VOTE AS A BLOCK!

        I know it sounds odd in a so-called free society, for we all want to be individuals but that makes us too scatter gun shot then. The western world including Canada is UNDER ATTACK! by leftist, godless, hateful, envious and yes often perverted groups who want to destroy all that the west has built, Canada included.

        To rid ourselves of such enemies whom are sick, deranged and of hateful minds, people like our demented PM Trudeau and the general mindset of the Liberal Party with NDP and Greens in tow, or in the USA the equally vile Democratic (Socialist) Party along with others of such ideals in most any western world nations, now requires us liberty, freedom and pro western world ideals people and as most Christians in our society generally support. TO VOTE AS A BLOCK AROUND A FEW CHOICE (non negotiable) IDEALS AND VALUES ! Stop shooting our votes as scatter gun shot, or we may lose everything our forefathers built for us!. THE TIME IS NOW!!!!