Rumble — Dr. Charles Hoffe made international headlines early in the year when he wrote an open letter to BC’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

In his letter he explained negative neurological impacts, seemingly linked to the COVID-19 vaccination, that he was observing among some of his first nation’s patients. He also asked for input from her on how to treat these patients.

His letter was met with both fierce opposition and affirmation.

A couple weeks ago I caught up with Dr. Hoffe to get an update on his situation. This is the FULL version for our social media friends only.


The declaration from Canadian doctors referred to near the end of the interview is:

Dr. Hoffe’s open letter is posted here –






  1. What is the point of going to medical school for 7 years then hard apprenticeship afterwards, if your medical opinions and patient experiences are to be MUTED by government bureaucracy?

    WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE! Our medical professionals are being subverted by political and bureaucratic despotism. Dr. Hoffe did nothing wrong. He only upheld his commitment to the Hypocratic Oath.

    The Government of B.C. and its medical bureaucracy ARE GIULTY AS CHARGED for violating the Hypocratic Oath, undermining the public trust and punishing a doctor who only shows care for his patients.