by Brad Saltzberg

June 9, 2021

There is a cliche saying which goes like this: “doing things the same way over and over while expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”

In terms of social conflict in Canadian society, one element is certainly true: we keep doing the same things over and over.

Nowhere is this more pertinent than it is regarding the topic of racism in Canada. As most are aware, four members of a Muslim family were killed this week in London, Ontario. An outpouring of grief has resulted. Add to this an intense form of anger.

The pain is manifest in a natural human tendency: to blame others. It is in this area that Cultural Action Party believe the communities of Canada must stop doing the same things over and over.

There is a common consensus on the reason for inter-racial conflict. It should come as no surprise that the leading institutions of society are uniform in their conclusion. The answer is found in racism inherent in Canadian-born citizens. According to the three pillars of society— government, media and academiawhite Canadians are intrinsically racist. Terms such as “systemic racism” are consistently trotted out by government and media as the root cause for race-based consternation. Colonialism is evil, and even though history cannot be altered, someone must pay the price for it.

CAP do not buy this. From our perspective, there are so many critical elements eschewed it is impossible for Canadians to get to the heart of this social malady.

Government and media have a nasty habit of simplifying what is in reality a highly complex social dynamic. The main point being that inter-community conflict is not an innate human condition, but rather a product of a particular social environment.

The anger, resentment and frustration within Canada’s pluralist society is the result of decisions made by the only form of leadership we have ever had– those of Liberal and Conservative governments.

For example, it is their decision-making which sets immigration policy. It is through this policy that the demographic make-up of our nation has been formed. The overly-simplistic delivery from government and media surrounding these circumstances is largely responsible for today’s social malady.

Let CAP focus on a single example: Until the year 1967, immigration to Canada was over 90% sourced from European nations. As a country established by Europeans, for the first century of existence our population was 95% percent white. It only makes sense that white Canadians would therefore dominate within government and leading institutions.

After migrants from non-European nations began to arrive in quantity, they found that European-derived Canadians dominated all aspects of society. This was not racism–it was Canada’s natural condition.

To apply contemporary moral perspective to this piece of history is the game Justin Trudeau plays. To do this is to re-brand history as a weapon–which is what Canadian media perpetuate on behalf of the Liberals. The general population does not set immigration policy– government does.

Are Anglophone-Canadians responsible for a dramatic shift from 90% European-derived immigration to  90% 3rd World-derived? No, this was established by the Liberal government of Lester B. Pearson.  

Now, let us present a question never posed by media in the past 50 years:

If, for example, millions of white immigrants quickly permeated Saudi Arabian society, how would the local population take this? Does anyone think everything would be roses and sunshine? If the government of Iran suddenly did an about-face, and opened the floodgates to millions of Anglophone migrants, would anyone expect their citizenship to be jumping for joy?

The thought is absurd. So why should anyone expect this from the people of Canada? Government are responsible for the demographic make-up of our nation. The result is a rise in social conflict, anger, bitterness, as well as murder. Has Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made any alterations to reduce conflict–for example, reducing immigration intake quotas?

No, he has not. In fact, his entire agenda is as cast-in-stone as the Rock of Gibraltar.  Do media ever allude to any any of what is being said?  Never is your answer. In fact, Justin Trudeau has done the opposite by establishing the highest immigration quotas in Canadian history.

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