From Canadian Taxpayers Federation:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to end the debate on his online censorship bill, and we need to make sure he doesn’t get away with it.

We need your help to act fast before Trudeau strikes a big blow to your fundamental right to freedom of expression.

Trudeau’s proposed law, Bill C-10, opens the door for unelected bureaucrats in Ottawa to put your online content under their microscope. This could impact your ability to hold politicians accountable online.

The Trudeau government knows this bill is controversial. That’s why politicians are trying to use closure to shut down debate so they can pass it into law before the government breaks for summer.

Can you please contact your member of Parliament right now and let them know that you don’t support them rubber stamping Bill C-10?

For now you can find your MP and their contact information here:

Trudeau’s Bill C-10 could have such a big impact that the former vice-chair of Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications called the bill “a full-blown assault” on freedom of expression and “the foundations of democracy.”

We need your help to put pressure on Trudeau before he shuts down debate and rams this bad bill through.

Thanks for standing up for taxpayers – it’s making a difference,


Franco, Shannon, Todd and the rest of the CTF team.


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