Cassandra S Dunn RN
The swab used to test for Covid is not only Made in China, but its saturated with Ethylene Oxide (EO), which is a carcinogen, damages DNA and fertility.

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  1. I wanted to see if you had heard of any other cases like this or if my thoughts seem crazy. I feel like your video was the final puzzle piece in the cause of my fathers death.
    My father had to have a covid test before seeing his lung dr for an appt he had scheduled. On Nov. 20, 2020 he had the covid test. On Nov. 22,2020 he received a call that he was positive for Covid. My dad has not been sick and had no symptoms. They called him frequently during the next 10 days to check on his symptoms and see if he was staying home. Not once during that time did he get sick or have covid symptoms. Around Dec. 10, 2020 my mom said his breathing sounded bad. We visited him on the evening of Dec. 12,2020. He did seem like something was going on with his breathing. I asked him if he was ok and if he was struggling to breathe, he said no, that he was fine. On the morning of Dec. 13, 2020 he fell. I came over to get him up and walk him to the door to take him to the ER. His legs couldn’t make it, so I laid him down called an ambulance. They got him in the ambulance and said he had stopped breathing and passed away. They said he was only breathing at 20 % capacity. I feel like him getting the covid test caused his death so quickly. He had pulmonary fibrosis, but did not have any problems with it. Just within the 3 weeks after his Covid test. Maybe I am crazy.

  2. I have heard of many people getting sick after ‘the test’ made them sick . I heard loud and clear voice tell me at the start of this: ITS A HOAX !
    The swab and the syringe are the pandemic

  3. I’m a registered nurse but I am not a chemo toxicity expert. Yes, ethylene oxide is a known carcinogen if inhaled or consumed. Ethylene oxide (EO) gas is used to sterilize roughly fifty percent of all sterile medical supplies. Residues of EO can also be found in many liquid soaps, detergents, shampoos, and skin care products. Living in modern society we are exposed to carcinogens everyday whether it’s at the gas pump, while putting on our makeup in the morning, or, yes, in the hospital. The objective is to attempt to limit your exposure to carcinogens. As a nurse, it is my responsibility to educate not insight fear.

    To the reader Joy, I am very sorry for your loss. I have seen first hand in my practice the effects this COVID has had on those who have been unfortunate enough to require medical attention and those who have not survived the infection. I’ve made many a tearful phonecall to family members and personally lost a close family friend. My sympathies go out to you and everyone who has lost a loved one to the virus.

    • I agree. The biosphere is saturated with toxic industrial chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. But one’s exposure to them is largely dependent upon one’s level of knowledge about them and degree to which one adopts an avoidance strategy which is as strict as possible. That’s a first line of defense for humans. We have the free will and necessary intellect to make proper decisions with regard to bodily health. All other animals operate at a purely instinctual level. While that works remarkably well for them in a clean and poison-free environment, the introduction of man’s chemicals makes life far more precarious for them than it should be. But avoidance is only one-third of the battle. One must also employ routine detox strategies to rid the body of the accumulated toxic sludge. Lastly, it is essential that one supply one’s internal defense forces all of the bullets, beans, and reinforcements they need to handle external assaults. Our immune systems are immensely powerful, but they need us to mindfully cooperate with them. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, stop poisoning them. Clean up the battlefield that you expect them to conquer and hold. Feed them well and give them adequate rest. Stop ignoring the most exquisitely efficient fighting force that exists in nature. Bottom line: Take care of your immune system and it will take even better care of you. Nose swabs? No thank you. Experimental drug jabs? Nope. In fact, I eagerly volunteer to be in the unvaccinated control group. All experiments, after all, must have control groups. Otherwise, results cannot be analyzed properly. Just a reminder to our COVIDiot overlords: Principal One of the Nuremberg Code states that “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” That simple declarative statement not only forbids forced mandates but it’s also a powerful argument against other, softer, forms of compliance such as coercion, bribery, etc. Red flag: A huge vaccination experiment (4 experimental drugs + the pesky anti-vaxxer control group) was hastily rolled out globally. It rode a wave of mass fear and hysteria, largely driven by faulty testing procedures and the monetary incentivizations for listing COVID-19 on health billing records/death certificates. It was boosted by the usual propaganda merchants, the MSM + the politicized CDC/NIH/FDA + Big Tech + Hollywood + ++). This ongoing, 15-month, nightmare… just for a wimpy little coronavirus which has proven to be no more infective or deadly than any of the previous seasonal flu bugs. There was absolutely never any need for masks, social distancing, lockdowns, tests, or inoculations. The appropriate response has always been to protect those most at risk (primarily the elderly and immune-compromised) and allow the remainder of the population to rapidly develop natural herd immunity. Ancient wisdom. Common sense. Lessons relearned again and again. Did you know that the deadly 1918 Spanish flu was made horrendously worse by the wearing of masks? Are you aware that chronic social distancing results in an enormous amount of societal turmoil, emotional damage, and degradations of the mind and spirit. Are you OK with the economic tolls that nationwide lockdowns necessarily involve? Did you know that the inventor of the PCR technique (as used in the current rt-PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2), Dr. Kary Mullis, was adamant about PCR not being used for the detection of intact viruses or viral components? Are you knowledgeable about the true sordid history of vaccines and other allopathic health interventions? Someone important often said “You can’t tell them the truth. You must show them the truth.” Seen enough, folks?

  4. Dear Casandra,
    You are a doll and a very much needed digital soldier! My question is “who in our country is purchasing these swabs and why have criminal charges not yet been brought up against them?” I am pretty sure I know who and what organizations are responsible for this! We need a whistle blower in the worst way to get this information to the white hats! I am just a mechanic in north west Missouri with no background in this field! You are the perfect person for this job! I do understand what you would loose possibly by exposing yourself more than you already have and we definitely need you in your field of service! Therefore I would be willing to expose myself if there was a way I could get it done! I am happily divorced 3 times and I have no children for any body to come after and they can’t take my work away from me cause nobody knows for the past 7 years what I do for a living! I am kind of off grid in plain sight and I am willing to do what ever is needed to be done for humanity! [email protected]

  5. Just wondering about your thoughts on the saliva tests for Covid. I’ve heard the MLB and NBA are using them. Would they be a good alternative? I’m going to need a test for travel purposes. Thanks

  6. I was shocked to hear this report, and told my grandson. He knows about EO and has recently worked with that substance. He is of the opinion that the swabs couldn’t be saturated with EO, since it is a gas. I hope he is right…

  7. Can you direct me to a pathologist, virologist, Medical Examiner, doctor or nurse that can advice me of the pathology needed to determine whether or not the Moderna injection caused death. Our county corner says there is not enough data to prove one way or the other.

  8. Dear Cassandra, The Baker-Polito administration in Massachusetts gave the Massachusetts Life Center more then $1.5 million to support development and acceleration of the coronavirus testing solutions. This may be a helpful tip for you.

  9. Listen to the video interview of Dr. Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist in Canada here: Then, this video is of Dr. Peter McCullough who is a Covid expert who has published peer reviewed articles related to Covid. In this video at link below he talks about having completed the adverse event reports on behalf of a person or persons who had some injury from the injection. He is Vice Chair of Medicine at Baylor. Perhaps he would have a colleague in your area who would be able to help with this. Listening to the video would probably also help you to some extent, but as I said he may have a colleague in your geographic area who could be helpful.

  10. Is there a way to detox your system and nasal cavity from the swab. In addition to E/O there can be nano contaminants.

  11. I say no to any swapping up my nostrils and now knowing there is a chance of E/O on swaps. I know there lots of things we are not informed about. If these swaps been contaminate with E/O we all can be in trouble. All I can say you better know what’s going up your nose. Next time someone does a nose swap check out packaging that swap came out of.