INSANITY RULES In Ontario with the Ford Administration….


February 24, 2021

Ontario Premier Doug Ford defended his government’s decision to invest $2.5 million in wearable contact tracing technology that will beep or buzz to notify users if they are too close to another person, saying that the deal should yield a “good return on investment.”

Last week, the Progressive Conservative government issued a news release saying that it will be providing money from the Ontario Together Fund to a technology company in order to create wearable tracing technology for people who work or spend time in facilities where the COVID Alert app can’t be accessed.

The bracelet, called TraceSCAN, would be used in places such as airlines, schools, construction sites and long-term care homes.

The province said that the technology will be able to track COVID-19 exposure without using GPS.

“If anyone in the working premises reports COVID-19 positive, HR or health and safety officials can log in to the online reporting dashboard and see who they have been in contact with and their risk level, then send an exposure notification,” the release said.

The device will also either beep or vibrate at users who are less than six feet apart.

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