A powerful message from a funeral director





  1. Brian pallister give your head a shake I would have never thought you’d let yourself be bought like this. I’ve known you for years and where you’re from where you were raised you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Thank you. This needs to be repeated thousands of times to counter the programming by media’s & big tech who has created this fear to further the government’s agenda.
    The government consider the elderly expendable & sees them as not benefit to society. They are now a drain on the system. What’s the next targets: people which mental illness, physically & learning disabilities, pep pole with chronic illnesses? When are people going to say ‘enough.’

  3. well that was a great video.Hopefully it will have a lot of people thinking. I totally agree enough is enough already. This is affecting all walks of our society in so many ways .You just cant close society its disturbing already.