A powerful message from a funeral director





  1. Brian pallister give your head a shake I would have never thought you’d let yourself be bought like this. I’ve known you for years and where you’re from where you were raised you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Thank you. This needs to be repeated thousands of times to counter the programming by media’s & big tech who has created this fear to further the government’s agenda.
    The government consider the elderly expendable & sees them as not benefit to society. They are now a drain on the system. What’s the next targets: people which mental illness, physically & learning disabilities, pep pole with chronic illnesses? When are people going to say ‘enough.’

  3. well that was a great video.Hopefully it will have a lot of people thinking. I totally agree enough is enough already. This is affecting all walks of our society in so many ways .You just cant close society its disturbing already.

  4. Heart disease and cancer are not contagious! It has been a difficult time for everyone. It all begins and ends with the basics…STAY HOME IF YOU ARE ILL!! Wash your hands, wear a mask, and social distance. If people had taken this advice more serious we’d be in a much better place right now. It’s not a conspiracy! One thing I do agree with is that Brian Palister is and always has been a terrible leader.

  5. Dan l. Stop smoking oragano and listen to this guys words, Pallister and Roussin are both liars, I miss ring my grandchildren because these clowns running the province say I can’t and that’s wrong in so many ways, so to you Dan l buy a brain and listen! It does make sense.

  6. I agree.

    COVID-19 is a farce. The only reason people are more scared of it than any other virus or disease is because of the hype that it’s getting. Early estimates of it’s danger were wildly inaccurate, and exaggerated, but we still live under the hype and fear that those incorrect estimates created. Misinformation and distortion of statistics is rampant. A true scientific approach and analysis reveal the truth, but media and governments are driving this damnpanic forward with record setting vigor… destroying our economy and far more lives than the virus ever will. On top of that, it has empowered/encouraged governments to violate our constitutional freedoms and human rights in much the same way that Hitler and the Nazis influenced and changed their society.

  7. Yes I do agree we need and have to fight back let these morons know we voted them in and its time they are told they can’t just do what they want with out our approval its time to take back our lives,our country our Canada.

  8. Dear Conservative Members:
    The illogical directives being issued to the “voter faithful” unfortunately assumed a leader with a strong moral compass was being supported via the election process! Most humbly offer a suggestion to hopefully quell the complete lunacy that is being spewed from Pallister and Roussin on a daily basis would be to cancel your Conservative Membership immediately and ensure that your elected representative is made well aware of your displeasure and intent to not support their party again!

  9. The script is the same everywhere! Covid has been used as a smoke screen for NWO..they closed businesses so that you would have nothing better to do than sit in front of a tv and be brainwashed with their propaganda! Just do some research..it only takes a couple of months of continual bombardment of something to make you believe it to be true! And this has been so hyped that you have been made to fear! Fear a virus, that yes maybe does cause death for some but so do other illnesses. Give your head a shake. One death this year for the flu when in prior years there were over 42000 died. Check out Canadian statistics. The government is relying on you not doing your research! And yes I’m sorry that many have died from this virus..but I’m tired of being lied to! We are covering up our faces for nothing! You will pass away someday from something and if we don’t let our immune systems get back to work..covid will be the least of our problems..ask yourself what are you breathing in from your mask..what is it made from? Masks only give you a false sense of security..if they worked why now start saying double up your masks etc! Next it will be triple and it will never stop!