by Spencer Fernando

July 29, 2020

How can anyone take the NDP seriously when they continue propping up the Liberal government and acting against the interests of Canadians?

In 2011, the NDP was close to reshaping the political spectrum in Canada.

The Conservatives won a majority government, the NDP won 31% of the vote and over 100 seats, and appeared poised to overtake the Liberals.

Then, Jack Layton tragically passed away, the Liberals picked Justin Trudeau as their leader, and the old partisan patterns reasserted themselves.

Since then, the NDP has been suffering an identity crisis, moving away from Layton’s working class focused party, and turning to a social justice warrior pandering organization led by Jagmeet Singh.

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  1. IMHO Song sees that the Federal NDP are a “Spent Force”, he is well aware they are barely now a “Rump of a Party” with only a few seats and NO future and he sees them sometime before the next Federal Election merging with the Federal Libs becoming the “Liberal Democratic Party of Canada” .

    The natural progression from there as far as Singh sees it is a big significant Federal Cabinet Post, perhaps something like Federal Minister of “Equality, Political Correctness, and Race Relations” .

    Just watch .

  2. I wonder if Singh may be counting on the current BLM to give his career a big boost. My guess is Singh is nothing more than a public sector trough dweller.