Interim Wexit Canada Leader Jay Hill explains why he believes Western Canada should separate, specifically Alberta and Saskatchewan.

JAY HILL: Why I left the Conservatives for Wexit

Jay Hill writes about why he left the Tories, and why he believes Western independence is the path forward.

June 29, 2020

As I reflect on the past week of numerous interviews and feedback I’ve received since accepting the role of Interim Leader of Wexit Canada, I can’t help but recall the shock and disappointment some friends, acquaintances and former colleagues have expressed with my decision.

Yet anyone who has read my newspaper editorials and social media posts over the past three years could have easily predicted my evolution regarding Western independence.

Western Canada is increasingly suffering from the “tyranny of the majority”, with little consideration for the economic wellbeing of people west of Ontario.

When asked by reporters, journalists and political show hosts what motivated me to “become a traitor to my country”, the simple answer is the most truthful. My grandchildren. At 67 years of age and comfortably retired, I have become increasingly concerned about my children’s and grandchildren’s future. I do not want to look into my grandkids eyes on my deathbed knowing I could have tried to do something to give them a brighter future, but chose not to.

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  1. Sorry, while I agree with your concerns I ask why you need another party to do what a conservative majority government could and should do. Trudeau has basically co opted the NDP . How do you think that splitting the PC vote can possibly be the answer. The conservative party can help the western provinces by GETTING ELECTED. Mind you they need a leader