By Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter and Dan Sales and Mark Duell and John Dingwall

For Mailonline

June 26, 2020

A hero delivery driver told how he desperately fought to save the life of a victim lying terrified on the floor after being stabbed in the Glasgow hotel knife rampage.

The eyewitness – who asked to remain anonymous – walked into the bloodbath to discover a maintenance man and receptionist badly wounded on the floor.

He noticed the hotel handyman had a large wound on his side so applied pressure to try and stem the flow before 999 crew arrived at the attack site.

The hero had only arrived to deliver food and said he had been stunned to walk into the carnage in the reception area of the Park Inn Hotel.

He said: ‘The hotel is housing refugees during the coronavirus. I went into the hotel and a guy had stabbed the receptionist and maintenance guy.

‘He then ran back up to a room. I was trying to stem the blood of the maintenance guy when the armed police rushed in and went up to his room and shot the guy.

‘It was absolute carnage, I was on the floor trying to hold the guy, the maintenance guy – a big puncture wound. It was absolutely horrific’.

The knifeman stabbed two people to death and left a police officer fighting for his life after storming the hotel in a just a few minutes. A further five are in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, including a 17-year-old boy from Sierra Leone. It has been confirmed the attacker was shot dead by police. It is known at least three men were stabbed in the rampage.

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  1. It is amazingly unbelievable to me that this type of thing is taking place each and every day in the EU and the “Soon to be Free” UK yet we here hardly anything about it on CBC, Global, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO, and other Liberal Media . It is almost as none of them want the public to know anything about it . I wonder why ?

    Every day there are murders, fires, mugging, bombings, slashing, stabbing, acid attacks, people are being run over, there are robberies, sex assaults, and so much more taking place in the UK and the EU and it is all kept secret by Media there and of course Media in Canada and the U.S. .

    We should ask ourselves, could that media be biased ? Of course they are .

    Just in Sweden alone it has become a sport for blood thirsty Anarchist disenfranchised anti Sweden Youths who never work, never have worked and contribute nothing to roam the streets where innocent people live and deface buildings, Rob, start fires, bomb vehicles and store fronts, and assault anyone they come across and they are never held accountable .

    We should pay very close attention to that and we should learn from it before Canadian PM Justin takes us further in the same direction as the EU .