Hello my friend.

It’s Dustin Nemos from the Nemos News Network.

This is your look into the silent war going on behind the scenes.

Today… a highly anticipated and controversial interview with… Actually… I’ll share the details on that in a moment.

First we have President Trump actually calling out Obama as a traitor … on National Television! He is making public what we already know.

North Korea is threatening a ‘Sensational Event’ to end America.

Is this another move to bait and trap the Deep State? Or… Have President Trump’s effort to cultivate a healthy relationship with countries in the Korean peninsula been thrown out of the window?

You decide.

Also today…

The highly anticipated, controversial interview with Roger Stone. You will get a deep insight into how he feels… and if he is going to prison or not!

Then finally, the video clip where Trump says that Obama committed treason in an interview on national television!

Let’s dive in…