by Spencer Fernando

June 17, 2020

Conservative leadership candidate pledges to withdraw from UN Global Compact on Migration and consider withdrawal from the Paris Accord.

Conservative leadership candidate Dr. Leslyn Lewis – who appears to be gaining support in the CPC leadership campaign – is slamming the UN, and vowing to protect Canada’s sovereignty.

The statement comes as some have criticized Lewis for perceived ties to the UN.

Despite those criticisms, Lewis has issued what seems to be one of the toughest statements against the UN by a top Canadian politician.

Here’s what she said:

“Canada needs a Prime Minister who will put the well being of Canada and the health and safety of Canadians first above all else.

Tomorrow Justin Trudeau’s multi-year long pandering campaign to the UN will mercifully come to a close.

He has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars and pandered to unethical regimes all over the world – even amid a national health and economic crisis.

All to win a temporary seat on the security council of the UN

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