One Man’s Opinion


May 22, 2020

All Free World Nations must now begin to support each other in the upcoming fight against China, China has now decided to be much more aggressive in their actions against neighbouring countries, the south china Sea, and so called trading partners, China is out for world dominance more than ever .

Those same Free World Nations can begin by supporting each other and do everything they can to trade with other while at the same time avoid trading with China whenever possible . At the same time ALL Free World Nations must form trad alliances that will eventually freeze China out which will in turn put pressure on Chinas ability to pursue the World dominance they strive for, without the money China would be put into a very difficult position as the only choice they would then have to control the world would be through force and at this time they are not capable of that kind of dominance .

China is willing to challenge some individual nations as they are doing with Australia at the moment, that is why other Free World Nations need to support Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and others who are pushing back against China and demanding a complete investigation into the Covid 19 Pandemic, it’s source, and Who is responsible . The World cannot afford China to Bully Nations like Australia, we need to “Stand As One” and support Australia, Taiwan, and Japan .

Taiwan is constantly under threat and we should all be supporting Taiwan against China .

Action against China cannot wait for politicians like Canadian PM Justin to navel gaze for another few years, Free World Nations need to act now, they need to form trade and military alliances to fight China now .

Please deep in mind that this is not the first pandemic China has sent our way, this has happened before . We might all think about why so many in China Wear masks all the time, it is sold to us that masks are because of pollution but let’s think about that for a minute, are the Chinese citizens themselves Concerned about other problems we are never told about ?

As I have been saying for years just as important is the probability that Top Mensa Member and Canada PM Justin will be hungry for investment and they will in turn allow MORE Chinese Investment and that will finish us off, your childrens grand children will be nothing more than slaves or vassals working for their Chinese Masters .

Those Caviar eating and Champagne Guzzling UN Member Nation Reps are nowhere to be seen on the Covid 19 File, they are all far too busy planning their Private dinner Parties they most daily in New Yorks finest Town Houses, they care nothing about Covid 19, and none of them care about china aggression, they Are far too busy. It is the same for W.H. O. and its Chief Tedros, he is far too busy LYING to the Great Unwashed and telling us that “China is transparent, China Is remarkable with it’s Covid 19 response, and Chinese Leadership are Gods” .

It is not much different with Canada’s own Top Medical Official who not only worships China, she flip flops more than the “Rubber Man” in the Cirque du Soleil” .

How the Hell can one explain this ?

I hope the Genius that provides you investment advice does a better job than Dr. Tam and Dr. Fauci, this is really hard to take .

Let me ask this question, do we believe them then or do we believe them now ?

AS I have also been mentioning Chinese, and any others that wish to invest in Canada will be arriving in Canada with USD when the CAD is between $ .70 USD and on it’s way to perhaps $ .63 USD, that will prove to be disastrous .

Add to that the fact that Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Farm Land may quite possibly reduce in price somewhere between 20 – 40% depending on how China handles it If China sits back and watches the Canadian Economy collapse the real estate market will also collapse and then they will invest .

Wait until the Genius that supposedly runs this country finally discovers that Chinese have bought literally millions of acres of fertile farm land, it will be a disaster in itself .

ALL Free World Nations faced with the Covid 19 Pandemic are now more vulnerable than ever before and every single one of those Free World Nations should immediately “Ban and Forbid” ANY investment of any kind from China, Chinese nationals, or Representatives of those same Investors, allowing any of those just mentioned is a very real threat to our way of life, our freedom, and our future .

China is not our Friend, China is a Clear and Present Danger, China is Our Enemy” and the sooner Politicians recognize that fact the better off citizens of all Free World Nations will be.

Being critical of China, Chinese Leadership, or dishonest corrupt Chinese Investors has absolutely nothing to do with Racism, DO NOT allow Uber PC SJW Elite Liberal Politicians get away with “Guilting” YOU into not speaking out and defending the rights, future, and very survival of you, your families and your Survival as Free People”, Stand Up and Fight” demand more from your elected politicians at ALL three levels .

Some of those same politicians and media for that matter actually state that it is “Racist” to call the Covid 19 Virus the “Wuhan or Chinese” Virus, I wonder what they would say if the virus originated in Sweden or perhaps the UK ? Would they call all that then called the virus the “Swedish” Virus ? Ridiculous .

They will not necessarily be interested in buying right away, they will wait for economic turmoil, it will also assist them that commodities of all types will be down and we cannot get oil to the market to secure World Prices . Lumber, Zn, Pb, Cu, are all suffering right now and Canada really has nothing else to offer other than natural resources, we do not even export Hockey Players any more .

As I have stated on previously occasions China did not necessarily set out to spread Covid 19 but once they became aware they had a Pandemic on their hands they banned ALL travel to many Major Chinese cities but at the same time PUSHED Millions of Chinese nationals into places like London, Spain, Italy, Germany, and so many more knowing full well that possibly millions of them were infected with Covid 19, Chinese Leadership simply could simply not live with the possibility that their own economy could face collapse if they alone faced the Covid 19 Pandemic so that same Chinese Leadership chose to “Level the Playing Field” and that is exactly what took place .

Thanks to China All Free World Nations are now in serious danger of a literal “Deep Depression” that could very well take up to a generation to recover from, if those same Free World  Nations do not “Stand on Guard” to defend their countries and their citizens against the aggression of China we will within twenty five years or sooner witness China one way or another basically controlling the whole world .

It is more important than ever that ALL Free World Nations restructure the UN, the United Nations is not working for the world as a whole, the UN now only works for Nations like China and other similar Criminal States . Imagine having countries like China, Niger, and Tunisia on the UN security Council, really ? Then we can top it off by the UN Human Rights Council consisting of nations such as Afghanistan, Venezuela, China and others, what kind of an organization is that ?

It is now more important than ever that Free World Nations like the USA, the UK, the EU, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and many many more begin to immediately “Re-Shore” thousands of manufacturing companies that fled to China over the years to save on labour and benefit costs, there is no time to waste .

Whether it be Jet Engine Parts, Cell Phones, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Food Products which are quite often contaminated, communications components, anything Else of strategic importance, it all needs to be re-shored and distributed throughout Free World Nations that have “Free Trade Agreements” so NONE of our Free World Nations and their Citizens need to depend on China ever again, China’s ”Day in the Sun” needs to end and it needs to end now .

World Nation Governments need to get creative and they need to find ways to entice Manufacturing companies to return or simply re locate to their shores for the good of all Free World Nations and the Citizens . Whether it be Tax Incentives, a Tax Holiday for several years depending on what that company has to offer, it should all be looked at and given serious consideration . Thee is absolutely nothing wrong with a Corporate tax holiday for a Corporation for ten years if it is willing to re-shore to any given nation, we must keep in mind that the dramatic increase in employment will ensure that the income taxes paid by those employees will fill the void of corporate tax .

at the same time the ever increasing employment will provide much disposable income for those employed workers and that will in urn feed the economy of any given nation .

We need to act now, we all must immediately contact any and all politicians at all three levels of government that they immediately demand that China be held accountable for the Covid 19 Catastrophic Disaster and we need to demand china make restitution to the Nations harmed by Covid 19, those that have lost family members, companies harmed by the virus, and any other entity that has suffered .

Each and every single one of hose World Nations harmed by the China Covid 19 Virus can begin by immediately “Cancelling their Debt to China” thee is no better way or no easier Way to start .





  1. The commentary is strong and to the point. Anyone with even a gradeschool education should be able to see how deep the wounds to the world economies are. Close to mortal wounds unless we rise up nation after nation a demand restitution from China. Turn their container ships around and send them back to China. clear out their embassies send there ambassadors packing pull the plug on Chinese investment . Use legislation to expropriate the real estate, the agricultural land, the warehouses and factories that China owns in all foreign lands.
    In order for this to happen world leaders need to join together and form a common front against China and China’s lapdog Trudeau