Hello my friend.

It’s Dustin Nemos from the Nemos News Network.

This is your look into the silent war going on behind the scenes.

We have 4 reports today.

Shiff is being called out in the headlines today because he, and the fake news media damaged America…

There’s been another bizarre Twist In Flynn’s Case. ‘Covington and Burling’ will enter the case at the Judge’s invitation… Attorney Sol Wisenberg drops a bomb on Judge Sullivan’s corrupt actions. He says, “If the government wants to dismiss a case, – The District Court cannot refuse to do so!”

Also… Trump Suggests Dems want to keep the US economy shutdown ‘for election reasons’…

Virginia Governor asks for help enforcing continued the unconstitutional lockdown. BOOM! The Sheriff says, “no way…. we could cut off the whole relationship”

Of course, more alleged censorship from Twitter… There is a video by Michelle Malkin on big tech censorship removed from President Trump’s tweet

There’s so much to go over today… Let’s dive in.