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Citizen journalists are on the case! More connections come to light. First half – Wuhan Virology Lab links Second half – Victor Dzau is EVERYWHERE. His fingers are in the MODELING as well! Also, more on Contact Tracing NGO ‘Partners in Health.’ To support my work, please either use paypal: OR My PO Box: THANK YOU! (please no courier packages, they will be returned) References: Ferguson 1:… National Review:… Patrick Howley Partners in Health Soros/Gates/Clinton:… WUHAN Institute of Virology Lab press release about partnership w Gates:… CDC China, Centre for Global Public Health: Fauci Funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology:… Wuhan Institute of Virology / Chinese Academy of Science web page, Committees:… University of Manitoba partnership with CGPH:… CBC: U of Manitoba Chinese Virologists kicked out (for spying?):… Saudi Coronavirus work stymied at Canadian Lab:… Globe and Mail re Tam & 2006 article:…