May 7, 2020

On Thursday, the AP reported the Justice Department said it is dropping the three-year-long case against President Trump’s first national security advisor, Lt. General Michael Flynn.

In the latest move that destroys the credibility of the Mueller investigation into the Russia collusion hoax, the DOJ contended that Flynn did not lie to the FBI, and that the FBI colluded in setting Flynn up in a perjury trap, in order to get him prosecuted or fired. In fact, as we reported, fired-in-disgrace then-FBI director James Comey admitted as such.

As the AP states:

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  1. It is long past time to clean out the festering rot at the top of the FBI, the way the FBI was weaponized under Obama was in so many ways no different than the KBG, the only difference was the fact that the Hench People Kind in the FBI are a little more clean cut .

    I Forecast that many more Deep State Obama Officials along with more FBI willl face prosecution between now and Nov., it will be a constant drip drip with many of them turning on each other .

    They can start by firing Christopher Wray then continue on with investigations of Comey, Strozk, Page, McCabe, Rosenstein, Clapper, Brennen, Lynch, Rice, and then continue on until the public know the whole story . I am sure I missed a few but they will not be hard to find .

    Somehow people like Flynn, Papadopolous, Carter Page, need to be given back their dignity and they need to be re I bursted for all of the money, heartache, and status that was taken from them, I can also see Roger Stone avoiding an unjust sentence .

    While they are at it the AG should take Anti American House Rep and criminal fraudster Ilhan Omar prosecute her then deport her back to her home country . No need to put her on a flight, so she can avoid exposure to the perils of the air space of a commercial plane she should be taken to the Jersey Shore put in a rowboat, pointed to the east, and send her on her way .