By Joe Hoft

The Gateway Pundit

May 6, 2020


Of course he is – Dallas Judge Eric Moye is a Democrat and an Obama faithful.

Katie Hopkins from the UK tweeted to following last night:

Democrat Eric Moye is a long time Democrat and an Obama fan.  Yesterday he became famous for putting a woman in jail for trying to feed her children:

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  1. Judge Eric Moye should never judge anything more serious than a Cake Baking Event at the Kerrisdale Community Centre, anything else is Far beyond his capabilities .

    The judge must somehow be recalled, someone like him could and more than likely has ruined the lives of good people .

  2. This Judge is an ego in a robe. Had she been an illegal who just raped, robbed, or brutalized an American citizen, he would have let her go, and smuggled her out the back door. She is a white female who works to support her family and business, this over inflated ego in a robe, gets his kicks by sending her to jail. If Ottis the town drunk were running against this piece of “work” he would be a better fit for such a position. No doubt this jerk had himself a good laugh at her the expense. It takes more than the ability to urinate while standing to be considered a man, he is the perfect example of proof to this statement. He doesn’t give a damn about the health and welfare of the citizens, he clearly cares only about his his own pride and arrogance. Bow down before me or I throw you in jail. Get this jack-off out of his position, strip him of his livelihood let him scramble to make ends meat, and give him a taste of his own reasoning, give him the same compassion he showed her, and throw him in a cell with no contact with his family. The only difference is put him in general population, with a sign that says who he is embroidered on his clothing.