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It’s Dustin Nemos from the Nemos News Network.

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There are three reports for you today.

Q posts and decodes!

More on that in a moment…

First, a report by John Michael Chambers at the News Behind the News here on the Nemos News Network.

Joining John is economist Dr. Kirk Elliott.

As troubling as these times are, know this… we are winning and we have much to celebrate today in the shape of the exoneration of General Flynn, and more.

We have a report on the latest in the news. We’re going to talk about Coronavirus, the presidential race … and about some of the Deep State infringement on our freedom… namely Vaccinations.

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Finally we have a report on the Q Posts that have recently been dropped. Who would know that the deep state actors have been communicating with each other using Star Wars video games.

All this and more…

So let’s dive in…

Food Shortage in America! Reopening,
Death Throes of Deep State >>

Important Updates From Economist Kirk Elliot


I hope you have a great day, and I will see you in the next report.