(Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney, Youtube)



April 27, 2020

Sheriffs are given power by voters, and that is where their loyalty should lie. The sheriffs of Snohomish, Okanogan and Walla Walla counties take the declared pandemic seriously, but stop short of enforcing actions that violate the constitutional rights of citizens. Most law-enforcement officers do not want to arrest people who are trying to earn an honest living and trying to put food on the table for their families. Without a court order, the governor has no authority over sheriffs or their deputies. Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney posted a letter on Facebook stating: “We have the right to peaceably assemble. We have the right to keep and bear arms. We have the right to attend church service of any denomination. The impacts of COVID 19 no longer warrant the suspension of our Constitutional rights.” -GEG

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