By Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit

April 11, 2020

Very few Americans are dying to date from the coronavirus who had no pre-existing conditions.  Based on the most recent data, this number will shock you.

As of this morning, April 10, 2020, there are now 16,697 Americans who have died who had the coronavirus and more than 96,000 world-wide.

But this data is misleading because the most recent data shows that only .9% of deaths related to the coronavirus are related to individuals with no comorbidity (i.e. pre-existing conditions):

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  1. If those numbers are accurate (and I dont believe them) its cold comfort to the thousands of people that have lost loved ones because they had a preexisting medical condition
    High blood pressure is present in an enormous percentage of the population
    Cancer very wide spread
    What a complete load of horseshit

  2. 13

    Total agreement, I would feel no great comfort in a loved one burning up with fever, choking, gagging for breath, not being able to breath for two weeks and then eventually suffocate and succumbing to a horrible end/death just because they had High BP, or any other pre existing condition such as Cancer, COPD, or anything else a senior might be faced with .

    Should that then mean that China and the good people of the Wet Markets or Laboratories in Wuhan Province can then go on about their business as usual without taking any responsibilities for the Covid 19 – Corona Virus ?

    Hey wait a minute, I think I have it, the Covid 19 Virus was developed and spread world wide as a sort of method of “Culling of the Herd”, getting rid of older folks, the handicapped, the special needs people that seem to be a “Drain on Society” .

    I wonder, was that not attempted at least once before ?