by Robert Fife & Steven Chase

April 8, 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump is dispatching his point man on Huawei Technologies to Ottawa Monday to press the Trudeau government on barring the Chinese telecom giant from next-generation 5G wireless networks in Canada.

Robert Blair, White House special representative for international telecommunications, will be laying out U.S. national-security objections over Huawei’s 5G wireless gear in a meeting with Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and senior officials from the departments of Innovation, Foreign Affairs and Defence, Canadian and U.S. sources say. The Globe and Mail is keeping their names confidential because they are not authorized to publicly comment on the matter.

The U.S. source said that the special representative, who is deputy White House chief of staff as well, will also warn Canada that it could lose access to sensitive intelligence if Huawei is allowed to sell its 5G gear to Canadian wireless carriers.

This is the first high-level U.S. visit to Ottawa that is solely in support of the U.S. campaign to press allies to bar Huawei from Western telecommunications infrastructure

Washington had also planned to send deputy national-security adviser Matthew Pottinger and economic adviser Larry Kudlow, but they had to cancel to deal with the coronavirus crisis, according to the sources.

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  1. No Free World Nation should choose Huawei 5G for any reason , The UK should immediately withdraw from Huawei, China cannot be trusted .

    China is a Clear and Present Danger, China is the enemy of every Free World Nation, China and it’s Ruling Class is the enemy of it’s own people .

  2. If at this point of time in history any country that doesnt impose sanctions against PRC might as well tell its citizens that all of the chaos economic harm physical and mental harm and DEATH was worth continuing trade with this evil nation.
    Hopefully Trump will show leadership and weaker leaders ie Trudeau will follow in Americas footsteps

  3. I believe the USA and the UK will show Leadership on the Covid 19 Pandemic China allowed to spread world
    wide and then attempted to cover up so Free World Nations would not hold them accountable .

    The rest of so called Free World Leaders need to fall in behind those nations willing to hold China accountable for the Catastrophic Cataclysmic Disaster China has unleashed on the world or we get exactly what we deserve .

    Where the Hell are Media on this ? Why is media not asking the questions of our so called Political Leaders, it seems to me they are all hiding under their desks .

    Far Far too many Higher Purpose PC SJW in media and politics when what we really need in both media and politics is leadership, the asking of demand of answers difficult questions and then transparency to all of the information gleaned .