Much longer…

If we travel back in time to the glory days of Moses, Noah, and Methuselah… it’s biblically proven that these men all lived for several hundred years a piece.

Not only that, but the bible suggests that they lived well… maintaining their health, their strength, and mental faculties throughout their lives.

And based on scripture, it also seems that they lived without many of the modern ailments that we suffer from today… like arthritis, high blood pressure, prostate issues, cystic fibrosis, fibromyalgia and autoimmune conditions like diabetes.

And it wasn’t just biblical icons like Moses who experienced these blessings in ancient times… Common folk who observed the bible did too… many of them living two or three times longer than we do today.

Even more baffling, they did all of that without modern science, without antibiotics, without X-rays, without prescriptions and without carbon dioxide laser surgeries.

But here’s where things get downright strange…

Look at this chart.

On the left, you can see the average lifespan of people in Moses’ day, Noah’s day, all the way up through the life of Jesus… It’s pretty incredible.

But now if you look here, right around 300 AD – there’s a tremendous drop in life expectancy… plummeting all the way down to just 35 years.

Now if we look further to the right, and bring us up towards modern times, we can see that the average life expectancy begins to climb gradually, eventually doubling as we get back to present day.

I don’t know for sure, but perhaps the gradual increase in life-spans over time correlates to improvements in science?

And yet, with all our modern miracles of medicine, we still haven’t even come close to the healthy, vigorous longevity of our ancient biblical ancestors.


And perhaps more importantly…

What was responsible for the almost instantaneous, dramatic drop in life span that occurred sometime just after 300 AD?


I’m Pastor Andrew, I’m a lifelong student of theology, and I’ve devoted much of the last 30 years to answering that question.

I now believe I have found THE answer, and when I did, it shook me to the core.

Because if I was right, it would transform an age-old Christian belief, and for many, even change what it means to be a Christian.

What did I discover?

Well, I’m just going to flat out tell you…

At nearly the exact same moment that life expectancies plunged, around 333 A.D…

Something else happened too…

The original bible, written in ancient Hebrew, was translated into Greek by Symmachus… for the very first time.

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