(Former NDP MP Kennedy Stewart was arrested peacefully March 23, 2018 for violating a court order and blocking access to Kinder Morgan work sites in Burnaby. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)


One Man’s Opinion


March 23, 2020

Good Day,

I will be doing everything I can to assist Tenants, Company Employees, Customers, and my family will do Everything and more expected of us during the Covid-19 Virus outbreak .

Will someone, anyone, please ask Vancouver Mayor one question .

How does Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart expect the “Great Unwashed” in the City of Vancouver to follow “Social Distancing” Rules when he himself is well known to not respect and in fact defy the “Laws of Canada” ?

I will be very interested in hearing Mayor Kennedy’s explanation of how his “Guilty Plea” for Criminal Contempt seems to be frivolous and his demands of the Public are to be taken seriously .

Please note I am not saying the “Social Distancing” should not be taken seriously but the Mayor seems to be quite Hypocritical on this matter . He has an attitude that one must only obey Laws when it is convenient to him, how does He “Square that Very Large circle” ?

Will any of you ask the question ? I wonder .

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart makes my stomach churn .

Enjoy the day, I look forward to hearing the question of Mayor Stewart very soon .

Oh and BTW, please do not attempt to sell the action by Mayor Stewart as something different, we all know it is not .

I wonder what a Judge would say about someone up for a Fine for disobeying “Social Distancing” ?


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Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart was arrested and admitted to Criminal Contempt .

“Do as I say, not as I do”




A life long friend of mine and his wife arrived home after spending two months in the Philippines and they breezed through CBS without even a glance, they did not even ask him about the content of his Travel Luggage, guess they did not want to chance getting too close to him .






  1. To ask why when your talking about anything to do with Vancouver is like asking to see the unicorn,
    Why does Vancouver allow blockades of major city streets
    Why does Vancouver allow illegal pot shops to compete against legal entities
    Why does Vancouver spend endless sums on bicycles.
    Why has Vancouver destroyed all 3 of the bridges across false creek
    Why does Vancouver allow public parks to become home to drug addicts
    Why does Vancouver spen one million dollars per day to fund drug addiction
    Why do the people of Vancouver pay such high property tax
    Why are so many stores empty in Vancouver
    Why can they tax thin air
    Why do they need a huge communication department
    Why do the keep electing leaders that want to mould their communities into some sort of twisted utopia
    Why does Vancouver allow Sunset Beach to be turned into a giant ashtray every April
    Why does Vancouver have so many repeat offenders
    Why does Vancouver proclaim to end homelessness
    Why is anyone in Vancouver surprised that they are overrun by drug addicts petty criminals and homeless people.
    Why would Vancouver tear down viaducts
    Why cant you buy gas in the West End