One Man’s Opinion


March 20, 2020

Good Day,

So now Politicians, Health Officials Police, RCMP have and many other Mensa Members who Lead Canadian Society have ordered Canadians to Isolate themselves from others to contain the Covid 19 which BTW way originated in China.

I believe that the NDP Government in B.C., Dix, and Chief Health Officer have done a wonderful job providing information and leading on this . I would like to see a little less emotion from a Chief Health Officer but Henry has indeed  a Star and we are Getting much better from Henry than we are from federal Authorities . I salute Her ! Society in general see absolutely NO Enforcement of any Laws/By Laws regarding any  Regulation, Ordinance, Restriction, or Rule of any kind, why would the “Great Unwashed” all of a sudden be expected to obey any of those now, a great part of Society has been ignoring any and all of those for at least a decade and probably more, why would those same Protesters and Anarchists all of a sudden  pay attention to politicians or law enforcement now, what has all of a sudden changed, where were the consequences, the accountability, where is the deterrent ?

Judges cannot even see their way to hand down sentences that offer a deterrence to the same people that are arrested almost every week for fighting on the Granville Strip, why would any of them cease and desist, fighting is sport for them, no fines of any consequence, and no jail equals a dozen fights each and every weekend . Imagine that ? Why not even implement “No Go” Zones on Granville, How, and Hornby, between Granville Bridge and Hastings St .

Of course NONE of the Politicians, the RCMP, or Police care about  Hard Working Tax Paying Canadians and their families  who actually pay the Salaries of those so called Leading Canadians who are inconvenienced by 4/20, Pipeline Protests, Blocked Roads, Transit, Intersections, Shipping Facilities, so many more every day modes and routes of transportation we the Working Canadians take for granted . Unacceptable !

Many of those Canadians that may have as much as a three hour commute each and every day have been forced to stay downtown and miss tucking their young children in bed, how would YOU or any other Mensa Members like Horgan, Eby, PM Justin, Kennedy Stewart, feel if you were faced with the same by Protesters and Anarchists ? Absolutely Disgusting !

It is long past time for Canadian Politicians, Police, the RCMP, to do what they are supposed to do, work for the Poor Beleagured Tax Payer, how much more can the Tax Payer be expected to take ?

Out of Control Property Taxes killing Business, Landlords, Residential Owners and Renters, ICBC, Strata and Home Insurance Premiums, Gasoline (in normal times) Carbon Tax, Tax on Tax, increases in every Consumer Products  Canadians purchase because everything is transported by Truck and Transportation Companies pay more in Gas, Insurance, and of course EVERY Business now pays the Usurious EHT, and so many more I have not listed . Can you imagine the same Genius’s that pretend to be Business Leaders and know what Tax Payers need cannot even run a city like Vancouver that takes in $ Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Property Tax revenue than ever before because of the thousands of new larger homes and Condo Towers still require and in fact demand an increase in Property tax of close to 8% ? How can that be ? Please do not let them fool you, the increase was intentionally pegged higher because the City of Vancouver simply planned to inform all of you of the larger increase then fall back to the 5%, how stupid do they think you are ? Well ? Yes, they think you’re are stupid, remember that at the next election .

Then Mensa Member Kennedy Stewart announces right out of the blue that Vancouver should Cap Property tax at 5% for 2021” . Really ? I know Stewart was an MP but I sure wonder exactly what his background is/was and just exactly what does he know about the costs of running a major city, the real estate market, or anything else other than pushing a pencil around when sitting behind his desk . Hell, does Kennedy Stewart even have any “ Skin in the Game” ? Does he own real estate, a house, a condo ?

Canadian Protesters and anarchists have not been held to account for anything, why would Government then expect the rest of Canadians to pay attention to any “Orders” handed down by any Level of Government or Police Agency ?

How would or does any Canadian expect Authorities to act when they have virtually ignored everything and anything, it does not make sense, the Government Leaders and Police have already shown the Canadian Public that “The Emperor Has No Clothes” .

I wonder, will anyone in Media asked Caped Crusader and Top Crime Fighter Mike Farnworth or Mayor Kennedy Stewart what action he would take if thousands or even hundreds of the “Great Unwashed” failed to obey “Orders from On High” ? Somehow I doubt Media will ask Super Mike or Might Mouse Kennedy Stewart that question, why would we even think a question like that might be asked during a Media Scrum later today . I suppose we can always hope .

Oh and BTW, I am sure 4/20 will go ahead just as it does every year even though Invent Master Dana Larsen has stated that it will not go ahead, he would not mislead the Political Genius’s that lead us would he ? Nah, it could not be .

Hey wait a minute, I believe I can here Dana’s Elves working in the background, already  planning for the Big Event as I type this .

How could anyone be so cynical to believe that Canadians would not take seriously any orders from Political Leaders, how could that be . One thing for sure I would not be surprised if 40% of the Public ignored any By Laws or Rules from our Elite PC SJW Leaders.

BTW – I will personally be following each and every recommendation and edict that the proper authorities implement .




  1. Well were only one month away April 20. If a crowd exceeding 50 ( likely be 10 by 4 20) shows up at Sunset beach we will wait to see haz mat suited VPD sweep in and arrest people ignoring the BC public health emergency and the BC provincial state of emergency.
    I would liketo mention a Global noon news feature by Richard Zussman. At the beginning he mentions that BCers need to stop hoarding. Less that 30 seconds later he blurts out that if the covid spread does not begin to reduce day over day authorities may have to ENFORCE a lock down on people and NOT allow them to leave their homes.
    Please remember that all of this death, suffering, chaos, loss of revenue, loss of freedom, loss of jobs, loss of future prosperity is a direct result of one and only one country CHINA