One Mans Opinion

February 24, 2020

Good Morning ,

As it was pointed out by Vaughn Palmer, I find it absolutely INCREDIBLE that the RCMP and more than likely OPP, Municipal, and other Crime Fighting Agencies right across Canada JUST HAPPEN to be Donning their Capes and Removing Anarchist Protesters and others more than likely right across the Country just after uh PM Justin said it was uh time to Take down the uh Barricades .

Now that is One Hell of a Coincidence, don’t you think ?

Will ANY One in Media ask the PM why his commentary was very soon followed by action from the RCMP, the OPP, and hopefully VPD Chief Barney Fife ?

What about PM Justin’s continual Droning On about the uh “Rule of Law, the Police will act when appropriate, we do not give Law Enforcement their uh Marching Orders” . Oh uh, really ? Somehow I do not think the “Great Unwashed” will accept that Mumbo Jumbo . Can someone please save Canada and Canadians ?

I ask this of PM Justin, Horgan, Anarchist Eby, and the rest of the Top Mensa Members that are apparently Leaders right across this Country the following question .
Does or has anyone asked David Eby about this ? There is more but this should be enough to get Top Investigative Media going on this file .

Just exactly “Where have all of the uh States uh People Kind Gone” ? Have you seen any of them ? Does the fact that Teck Resources have made the decision to abandon and withdraw from an Oil Sands Project concern the Media, B.C. Premier John Horgan, Anarchist B.C. AG David Eby, Vancouver Mayor Stewart, Victoria Mayor, and many more ?

What about Media, will this Major Decision of Teck Resources taking a Write Down of up to $ 2 Billion Dollars get much Reporting, Discussion, Debate ? Will the Great Unwashed even hear anything about this Catastrophic Decision by Teck, or Any of the other Corporations thinking twice about investing in Canada ?

To me between some of the LNG, Teck, Forestry and Lumber, Mining. and other Projects being shelved by Major Corporations and in fact Major Employers turning their Backs on B.C. Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and more than likely the rest of Canada Because of a Dithering, Incompetent, Impotent, Inept, and Imbecilic, PM Justin, Horgan, and the rest mentioned our Economy Is under threat of a Deep Recession .

We see many Anarchists and other Protesters on Television, in the Papers, and on Radio and the rest each and every day now, Why are there no Canadians that Truly believe in the “Rule of Law” of this Great country of Canada hardly ever heard from or seen for that matter, where are they ?
Oh wait, I think I know where all of those Hard Working, Contributing, Tax Paying Canadians are, and why we do not hear from them or see them comment on the Protesters and the Anarchist and Protesters Attack on the Canadian Economy, those Canadians that really do believe in the “Rule of Law” are far too busy at Work earning Pay Cheques to pay for their Housing, Rents and Mortgages, Family Care, Gasoline for the 3 hour a day commute, Gas Tax, Carbon Tax, Tax on Tax, Property Tax, increased ICBC Premiums, Hydro, Income Tax, and so much more . I guess those Hard Working Canadians just do not have the Time, the Energy, of the Money to Protest .
How Canadian of them .
Norway is always held up as a “Shining Beacon of Light” by PC SJW who tell us that “Norway Has it All, Norway Does it All, we Need to be like Norway” !

Not one of those Mensa Members admits to you that Norway has Fish Farming, Fish the Hell out of the Oceans, and in fact owns much of the Dreaded B.C. Fish Farming, Norway has off Shore Oil Rigs and Platforms, Oil and Gas Operations, Pipelines on Land and and by sea, Exports LNG, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, has Giant Ocean going Vessels navigating their pristine Fjords, produces Aluminum, and much more I have not mentioned .
That then begs the question, just what is it that Norway DOES NOT HAVE ?

Anarchist Protesters, First Nations who are not happy with anything NO matter what, Weak Kneed, Inept, Impotent, Dithering politicians and Police Forces that COULD NOT “Catch a Cold” amongst several thousands of them .
Then perhaps Media could inform Government, the politicians, and the “Great Unwashed itself that Canada as a Nation still Contributes less than 1.5% of the Worlds carbon Emissions over the period of a year . Perhaps the Protesters here should travel to China and see if Politicians and police there are as cooperative as the Key Stone cops here are , God does it not make you so secure and safe when Mikey Farnworth dressed in his Crime Fighter Cape and Mask is interviewed by a Fawning Media and he mumbles on about nothing that makes any sense at all ? Why is it ALL Politicians talk about “Rule of Law” and they really do not know the true definition of “Rule of Law” ?

Oh and I forgot one last thing, Hundreds of Leftist, Activist Judges that really care nothing about the “Rule of Law’ Fairness, Balance, the country, the Economy, or most of all the Hard Working Tax Payer and Seniors that suffer through all of this Anarchy .

It Disgust me and makes me Sick .



  1. Fake

    One of the most disturbing things about all of why this Woke, PC, SJW stuff is just Bunk and the fact is, NOT One Bit of it makes any sense and logic itself is MIA ..

    Whatever happened to good old fashioned Common Sense .

    It was not really all that long ago that those Centre Left and those Centre Right understood what “Rule of Law” actually meant . You might not like the result of the Election but that was the numbers and you lived to fight another Election four years down the road .

    Today Dems in the U.S. and the equivalent in Canada do not believes Conservatives should be allowed to exist, they absolutely Hate everything that is not WOKE, no one else has the right to an opinion .

    Something needs to be done because the Indoctrination starts early, it starts at K and continues right up through University Graduation . 90% of the Educators re Hard Liners and they do not believe in anything that is not PC, SJW, Woke, there is absolutely no time to waaste .

    When was the last time you saw 200 Parents Camped out in front of a Public School hoping to secure their a Child a space in that School for the first day of September ?

    Never you Say ? CORRECT !

    Don’t you find it interesting that very thing takes place at Traditional and Religious Schools each and ever year, I wonder why ?

    What should that tell anyone about the B.C./Canadian Public School System ?

    Most Parents are smarter than they are given credit for, it is time for the B.C. Government to Fund all Schools 100% and allow Parents their choice, there should be seats for all at Traditional and Religious Schools, Children deserve the best possible and they are no longer getting that in the Pub lic School System .

  2. First of all I would like to thank PSR fro providing this forum . It allows open discussion on the people we have elected to look after the public purse.
    Vancouver municipal problems includ run away homeless to take over public space. Deal drugs and use up many man hours of ERT bringing them back from the dead. Mayor you have resouces that the tax payers fund. Use the police to clear protests and public space . Mayor stop with your boutique projects . Stop with bike lanes. Leave the viaducts alone. Get a handle on property tax.
    Mr Horgan, stop enabling protestors. Support all pipelines . Have protestors arrested even the ones that arent in your driveway. Give up on ICBC and bring in competition. Deal with insurance companies that are ripping off strata corporations. These insurance companies are using you endless droning about climate change to raise rates by 400%. Get off your ass Mr Horgan and do something for private sector. Scrap UNDRIP. Scrap Community Benefits(union shop payback)
    Mr. Trudeau do us all a favour. Go back to the ski slopes.