by Candace Malcolm

True North

February 16, 2020


The far-left in Canada is out of control.

Deceitful environmentalist protesters claiming to speak for Indigenous people have set up illegal barricades across the country. They’ve blocked railways and highways — closing major thoroughfares, shutting down commercial and passenger rail and grinding our economy to a halt.

They are threatening the livelihood of countless blue-collar workers, including farmers, manufacturers, construction workers, workers in the forestry, coal and energy industries and so on. And, according to paramedics in British Columbia, they’re also putting lives at risk.

These protesters are as arrogant as they are destructive. They’re throwing a temper tantrum and using the heckler’s veto because they disagree with the results of our democratic process.

The Coastal GasLink pipeline carrying liquified natural gas from northeastern British Columbia to the west coast has already been approved by the courts as well as every level of government.

This includes the Trudeau government, who have always erred on the side of listening to First Nations and giving them veto powers over pipelines, as well as the left-wing NDP government in British Columbia, who have done everything in their power to block other pipelines from reaching Canada’s west coast

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  1. PM Justin is where he always is when it comes to making decisions that really matter, he is Hiding Under His Desk .

    He also has the Canadian Justice Minister, the Top Brass of the RCMP, the Activist Mayors of Victoria, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart an Anarchist himself, B.C. Premier Horgan, Anarchist AG David Eby, Geoff Meggs, Hayman, and the rest of the NDP Cabinet under there with him . It must be very crowded .

    HYPOCRITES every single one of them !!

    Then of course the “Great Unwashed” must attempt to understand and figure out why Enviro Hypocrite B.C. John Horgan is somehow for One Pipeline and against another ? How does One Square that Giant Circle ?

    Why is it that NOT ONE of Them think about the Hard Working Tax Payer who punches the Clock 40 hours a week and makes that 45 minute to 90 minute commute to and from work each way each and every day ?

    Where the Hell are any of those Hypocritical Politicians when it cones to explaining themselves to their Tax Paying Employers ?

    There is a saying that goes something like this, “You get the Elected Officials you Deserve” . Perhaps the Voter should think of that next time they step behind the Curtain to cast their Ballot .

    It does not matter if one supports the NDP, Federal Liberals, or Conservatives, NOT ONE of the Politicians mentioned here or any of their Minions care about you one little bit, please give that fact some consideration.

    Surely we can do better than this, can we not ? .