by Spencer Fernando

February 13, 2020

A seat on the UN Security Council will do nothing for Canada.

Just imagine how much better things could be for our country if we had a PM who was focused on helping Canada.

Instead, we see Justin Trudeau flying around the world, spending our hard-earned taxpayer dollars on paying off other countries for UN votes.

Recently, Trudeau went to Africa and pledged $10 million to helping entrepreneurs outside of Canada:

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  1. The only reasons PM Justin is doing what he is dpoing to capture a un Security Council Seat for Canada is because in his Warped sense of Values he would look more ‘Statesman Like”, or should I say more “States People Kind” like .

    He is more than well aware that any Canadian with more than Room Temperature IQ considers him a Lightweight, a Nincompoop, Shallow, Inept, Impotent, Imbecilic, moronic, low information, “Human People Kind” who would have trouble finding Girls at Hugh Hefner’s House, he will therefore do anything within his abilities to look like he is not any of those .

    I am sad to say that he uh has uh failed .