(Adapted picture — (L) Smoke-filled skies, and (R) trailed-filled skies (L photo by R Jupe)

by Dee McLachlan

January 11, 2020

Australia has been set on fire.

We were warned that the fire seasons were going to be bad, but few imagined this bad. There has been much discussion as to why — with the cause being attributed to “global warming.”  Let me quote the ABC (12/11/2019)  as to why bush-fires are leaving a trail of destruction:

“[a] complex answer that involves fuel management, firefighting techniques, landscape planning, building design and environmental history. Climate change is making a bad situation worse … we are experiencing increasingly unprecedented extreme fire weather conditions associated with prolonged drought, desiccating high temperatures and strong winds… Extreme fire weather creates fire conditions that exceed all known firefighting technologies.”

What’s going on? I won’t go into the worrying stats of arson, but will take you on a quick tour of the discussion about dryness and chemtrails.

The California-Australia Comparison

There are some parallels between California and Australia. There is a common factor: DROUGHTS and then fires.

California has been plagued with fires, with 2018 being the worst ever. It was called FIREGEDDON 2018. And now we have the Australia 2019-2020 catastrophe — as predicted many years ago.

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