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Look up! What are they spraying? First, don’t call them Chemtrails. If anything, refer to them as Geoengineering. But what are they? Just look up. In the sky. Look. What do you see? From jets. High above. Those hazy, gauzy streaks of something. Crosshatched and thatched, hashtagged crisscrossed streams and plumes and streaks. Of something. Contrails? Water vapor? Ice crystals? Not a chance. These plumes and trails spread over huge swaths of land. But what are they? Dane Wiginton of Geongineeringwatch.org joins me for a third interview in what may very well be the most critical issue and problem that faces all of us. And all you have to do is look up. And don’t call them chemtrails. The clowns from Wikipedia and other faux authorities have lumped that term into the vague vacuous void of conspiracy theory chic. No, patriots. Call it Geoengineering. And watch this. Retweet it. Learn. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ www.facebook.com/Dane.Wigington.GeoengineeringWatch.org