by John Sexton

June 15, 2019

Earlier this month, the results of a survey of the homeless in Los Angeles County found the numbers were up sharply, about 12% in the county and 16% in the city. Now a petition has been launched to recall Mayor Eric Garcetti over his handling of the crisis. The petition would need signatures from 10% of LA voters to move forward. That’s just over 300,000 people so the petition is seeking a total of 350,000 signatures to make sure it clears that hurdle.

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Under intense pressure because of the spike in homelessness, Mayor Garcetti released a letter Wednesday which compared the crisis to major natural disasters in California’s history:

When the Great San Francisco Earthquake struck in 1906, it quickly became the worst disaster in California history. Overnight, more than 200,000 people became homeless.

Now, the most recent statewide data shows that California has 129,972 homeless residents, making our current homelessness crisis the second-worst disaster we’ve ever seen in the Golden State…

While we have housed more homeless Angelenos than ever before in our city’s history, it’s not enough. We must respond like it’s an earthquake – and do more, faster.

Garcetti goes on to say that the solution is more housing and touts his record of building new housing:

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  1. Drugs, feces, urine, trash, rats and more on city streets.
    To know that it gets worse every year and not much is done about it even though tens of millions of dollars are spent to fix this crisis, is, well, criminal.
    Garcetti had a plan and said homelessness would be wiped out in ten years.
    We voted on a measure to make sure that happens and we are taxed to fix it all.
    Well, this is year three of his plan and there are more homeless than ever before.
    Where is our money?
    Where is the housing?
    How come the number of homeless people goes up every year?
    How come Garcetti is still Mayor of Los Angeles?
    Too many questions and no answers.
    Well, we have one answer.
    Recall Garcetti and elect someone who knows what they are doing.
    I am,

    George Vreeland Hill