New American

June 1, 2019

Laura Trevelyan, an anchor and correspondent with BBC’s World News channel, played host to a Council on Foreign Relations conference call on May 28 regarding the results of the recent elections for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). The featured experts for the conference call were CFR senior fellow Charlie Kupchan and James Goldgeier, a visiting senior fellow at the CFR. Following their initial analysis, Kupchan and Goldgeier took questions from callers — academics, journalists, activists — all of whom were clearly on the anti-nationalist, Europhile wavelength.

On the same day, May 28, the CFR’s Council of Councils issued a Global Memo on the elections entitled “The Battle for Europe’s Soul.” Not surprisingly, both of the CFR evaluations of the MEP races heaped scorn on the nationalist and populist parties that had scored huge gains in the elections, repeatedly referring to the growing opposition to the European Union’s dictatorial rule as being inspired by “far right” ideology. By contrast, the globalist/socialist coalition of parties that have dominated the EU since its birth are referred to as “centrist,” “center-left,” and “center-right” — you know, the supposedly sensible, rational people who believe in political-social-economic “integration” and “an ever closer union.” Even the radical Greens, who would push Europe back into the Stone Age with their enviro-fanaticism, are now considered “mainstream” by the CFR analysts.

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