By Maël Thierry and Alexandre Le Drollec


The President of the Republic lost his match against Marine Le Pen.

A friend who, a few months ago, at the height of the crisis of “yellow vests”, had advised him to ignore the European elections, Emmanuel Macron had immediately replied: “no question! The May 2019 deadline was crucial, he had argued. For the future of the European Union, threatened by the populists. For his personal political future too: how to hope to revive his quinquennium in mid-term starting from a personal defeat? How to continue to reform the country by being weakened? And then Europe is its subject. One of the few markers of macronism: the candidate En Marche had not surprised by applauding the blue flag to the twelve stars in its meetings? The president also knew that he would endorse, whatever happens, the results: in the eyes of the observers and the French, it would be either his victory or his defeat. So to engage.

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