(Kenyan police officers take cover outside the Garissa University College during an attack by gunmen (AP)


Masked gunmen from Somalia’s Shabaab group massacre 147 Kenyan pupils in a day-long college campus siege


The Telegraph

May 17, 2019


At least 147 people have been killed after Islamist terrorists attacked a Kenyan university, singling out Christian students to murder.

A five-man cell of the Somali-based al-Shabaab group stormed into halls of residence at Garissa University College, 200 miles east of the capital Nairobi, Thursday morning, shooting at students before taking others hostage.

Kenya’s National Disaster Operation Centre declared the siege over by nightfall, with four terrorists killed and one arrested.

More than 300 of the university’s 815 students were unaccounted for last night. Kenya’s National Disaster Operation Centre said 70 people had been killed including two attackers, and at least 79 people were injured. Nine were emergency airlifted to the capital, Nairobi, for treatment.

Many of those who had been killed had their throats cut, according to one source who had spoken to morgue workers. The report could not be immediately verified.

Security analysts feared that the gang intended to keep their remaining hostages overnight ahead of further violence on Friday, to maximise attention for their attack during the Easter holidays.

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