By Liberty Sentinel Staff

Liberty Sentinel

May 2, 2019

Because it was so amazing, The Liberty Sentinel reviewed The Pilgrim’s Progress movie last week after it premiered in theaters nationwide. It was sogood that we had to find out more. And so, we interviewed writer/director Robert Fernandez about why he did it, his future plans, what went into this fantastic movie, his thoughts on Hollywood, and much more. You won’t want to miss this exclusive treat! And you DEFINITELY won’t want to miss the movie.

Why did you make this movie?

It was something I had a burning desire to do for a long time. I’d like to think it was something that God put in our heart to do and that there is a relevant need for it today. It’s an interesting and entertaining story, yet one that speaks to the heart of every Christian who feels the tug of God in his or her heart for something more.

How did you choose The Pilgrim’s Progress out of all the Christian stories you could have told?

The desire to do it had not gone away from the first time I laid eyes on the book. It’s a wonder to me that know one else had brought it to an audience in recent years. Every page of the book has depth and it translated well to the screen. I believe the DVD will do even more as people will be able to watch it slowly and ponder the message that’s embedded throughout.

How has the reaction to the film been so far?

Amazing. So many people were not able to watch it due to lack of tickets but those that did have been writing wonderful reactions and reviews about it. We have been very pleased. I only wish more people would have had an opportunity to watch it on the big screen.

Do you think Americans are hungry for Christian content and media?

Without a doubt-but I think they are hungry for depth and reality in the way Christian life is portrayed. The thing that stands out with this story is that the main character does not come to knowledge of God and then finds instant glory. The main character experiences God through both his trials and tests as well as the times of refreshment and encouragement. It’s genuinely the story of a Christian’s journey – like all of us – the main characters not only has points of great joy but also times of heavy distress yet all throughout God and His helpers aid him.

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