(Lola Chiasson Hawkins died in April after being bedridden for 14 months because of post-surgery complications, including a horrific bedsore. (Submitted/Steven Hawkins)

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Warning: This story contains graphic images 

Lola Chiasson Hawkins was admitted to hospital in February 2018 after falling and breaking her hip at her home in Caraquet — a home she wouldn’t see again.

Despite successful surgery, Hawkins remained bedridden. She developed pneumonia, then cycled through four different hospitals over 14 months.

She had several post-surgery complications, the most notable being a horrific bedsore.

The festering, foul-smelling wound cut through Hawkins’s lower back right to the bone. Her family discovered the severity of the open sore more than two months after she was admitted, when a nurse set a bowl of cat litter beneath the hospital bed to try to absorb some of the odour in the room.

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