by Spencer Fernando

March 13, 2019

The Conservatives and NDP wanted to give Jody Wilson-Raybould the chance to speak freely without any privilege being imposed on her. In a disgusting and disturbing act, the Trudeau Liberals shut the meeting down.

In a stunning and disgusting act, the Trudeau Liberals launched into a full-scale cover-up of the SNC-Lavalin Trudeau PMO Scandal.

The Justice Committee was holding an emergency meeting to discuss giving Jody Wilson-Raybould the chance to speak to the Committee – this time with her privilege fully lifted, which would let her speak about everything – including what happened after she was removed as Attorney General.

But instead of letting a democratic and open discussion and vote take place on that issue, the Liberals shut down the meeting, using the majority to ram through the shut down.

It’s an absolute disgrace and it’s appalling.

It’s an anti-democratic cover-up, and shows the Trudeau Liberals are now fully trying to shut down the truth and deny answers to the Canadian People.

This is absolutely disgusting, and this government has no moral authority and has no right to impose anything on the Canadian People.

All that the Conservatives and NDP wanted was for Jody Wilson-Raybould to be able to speak freely and respond to what Butts and Wernick said about her.

By denying her that opportunity, and by shutting down the committee, the Trudeau Liberals have shown their total contempt for democracy, contempt for the truth, and contempt for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando