March 7, 2019

  • CNN reported during Michael Cohen’s House Intelligence testimony that the former Trump fixer provided documents showing Trump’s lawyers edited congressional testimony in which Cohen admitted lying.
  • CNN’s report harkens back to another leak that sprung during Donald Trump Jr.’s House Intelligence testimony in late 2017. In that incident, CNN had to retract its report. 
  • A source familiar with the documents Cohen provided Wednesday said they show nothing “nefarious” involving Trump’s lawyers.

In the middle of Michael Cohen’s private testimony to the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, CNN reported the former Trump fixer provided the panel with documents allegedly showing President Donald Trump’s attorneys edited false statements that Cohen made to Congress in 2017 regarding efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

The leak harkens back to another provided to CNN that led to an embarrassing retraction for the network.

CNN reported Dec. 8, 2017, during the middle of Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony that he had received an email Sept. 4, 2016, with a link of unreleased WikiLeaks documents. CNN had wall-to-wall coverage of the scoop, which would have been the first evidence that Trump associates received WikiLeaks materials before their release.

But CNN got the story entirely wrong. The email was actually sent to Trump Jr. on Sept. 14, 2016, a day after the same WikiLeaks documents contained in the email had been released to the public.

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