by Spencer Fernando

January 3, 2019

“Canada is not a shopping centre,” says People’s Party Leader.

His call follows an article in the National Post, which described how more and more pregnant non-citizens are coming to Canada to give birth, which can lead to “debasing the notion of citizenship.”

Here’s an excerpt of the article:

“Melody Bai arrived in Vancouver from China in the late stages of pregnancy with one goal: to give birth to a Canadian baby. Awaiting her was an elaborate ecosystem catering to pregnant women from China, including a spacious “baby house” where she spent four months, attended to by a Mandarin-speaking housekeeper. Caregivers offered free breast massages to promote lactation, outings to the mall, lectures on childbirth with other Chinese mothers-to-be and excursions for high tea.”

Clearly, birth tourism is taking advantage of the generosity of Canadians, and is an insult to both Canadian Citizens and those who go through the full and often lengthy process to get Canadian Citizenship for themselves and their families.

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