[Warning ! This article presents shocking content that may change the way you view the world. I recommend to sensible souls to abstain. 
I also specify that I do not publish this article in order to make a “buzz”, because it would be inhuman to joke about such a morbid subject. 
I do not share this article either to scare, but to inform you of the evil that still exists on Earth, and of which we must be aware, in order to hope to lead us towards a better world.]

Justin Bieber told hundreds of people, during a Bible study class in Los Angeles, that the Hollywood elite had killed his unborn child, and destroyed his relationship with the child’s mother, Selena Gomez, to punish him.

Since he found God last year, Bieber has become a regular at the Montage Hotel Bible Study Course in Beverly Hills, and on Wednesday he shared with the congregation what he called ” the worst time of my life “and explained why he had come to leave the world of music.

Explaining to the faithful that he “will never return” to the “evil industry of music” until “the pedophiles and monsters at the top of the pyramid are driven out of the city (Los Angeles)” and that everything be “disinfected” with bleach and light, “Bieber explains how Hollywood elites have attempted to corrupt him.

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