November 27, 2018

(Natural News) Listening to the daily hysteria of the left-wing media is a lesson in just how insane society can become if the masses are indoctrinated with deliberately false information for years on end. Nearly everything the Left believes is complete fiction, and it’s fiction by design. The very point of the left-wing media’s mass indoctrination of the gullible masses is to turn reality upside down and convince people that false things are real, while brainwashing them into thinking that real things are false.

One of the simplest recent examples of this is how the left-wing media, for weeks before the mid-term elections, condemned any mention of the Honduran caravan as “imaginary” and “fictional.” Across CNN, MSNBC, WashPost and the NYT, so-called journalists told the public there was no caravan and that anyone suggesting the presence of a caravan was trafficking in “conspiracy theories.”

Once the caravan reached the U.S. border and staged an attempted mass invasion by rushing the border gates, they were repelled with non-lethal tear gas. Suddenly the same media that claimed the caravan was “imaginary” changed course and leapt into mass hysteria mode, claiming the caravan was now very real and full of “tear gas victims” who were being mistreated by mean U.S. border security officials. Of course, this same media never mentioned that the Obama administration used tear gas in a similar attempted invasion in 2013, hoping that no one can remember what happened just five years ago.

Truth is of no interest to the lying, left-wing media. Every story is twisted, exaggerated, ignored or entirely fabricated solely to achieve a political outcome. Nothing is “real,” they media propagandists believe, unless they say it’s real. And they can weave a whole new “reality” out of complete fiction, on command, and actually convince tens of millions of Americans to believe it’s real. For example, a recent poll found that over 40% of Americans believe the Russians altered votes in the 2016 elections — a completely fictional assertion that even the media itself isn’t alleging took place.

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