by Spencer Fernando

November 26, 2018

Both federal and provincial government say GM has no intention of backing off the decision.

GM has confirmed what was already known last night.

The Oshawa plant will close in 2019, with no new product being allocated to it.

As a result, 2,600 workers will lose their jobs.

The move by GM is widely seen as a massive betrayal, considering that Canadian taxpayers gave GM tons of money to keep them going, and the company had given previous reassurances about their operations in Oshawa.

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  1. Do a quick survey: How many of your friends and neighbours are driving a GM car or truck? The answer to this simple question will fully explain why this company is going the way of SEARS.

    We now have three generations of car buyers that will buy anything but a GM car. I suspect the only reason they produce as much as they do is because of fleet purchases for corporations and for car rental companies.

    Once a consumer gets pissed off at a particular brand and seeks out the competition and finds that the competition is better and cheaper … well, there’s no going back.