by Jonathon Van Maren


November 10, 2018

October 15, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — The New Democratic Party of Alberta is in all likelihood aware that they have only a short time left in power. The Jason Kenney Juggernaut has been inexorably rolling toward them since the former cabinet minister left federal politics, won the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party, championed a merger of the PC Party and the Wildrose Party, and then successfully won the leadership of the new United Conservative Party, as well. And so the NDP has gone to work to transform the province in the brief time that they have left.

The progressive Left is fully aware of the fact that if you want to transform society during your intermittent tenures in government, then you must ensure that the education system does your work for you. One of the reasons that left-wing governments are typically far more consequential than right-wing governments is the fact that right-wing governments in Canada are often characterized by an utter lack of cultural vision combined with a cowardice that leads them to leave left-wing legislation intact once it has been passed even when they get the opportunity to repeal it.

Thus, the Left simply has to effectively use the time they do have in power, and they can have a far more permanent impact on society than Canada’s conservatives, who have generally ceded the culture to the Left (and thus, in time, the entire country.) When they regain power, they can more or less pick up where they left off.

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