November 6, 2018

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2019 election, Canada’s media noticed that there are these things called third party groups.

Its not that the media in this country haven’t noticed that third parties have existed before but now, there is an alarm being sounded. A warning has been issued.


There is a conservative third party now!

A piece from the Canadian Press that was posted on most major media websites over the weekend warned about Ontario Proud and collusion with the Conservative Party of Canada.

Now chances are you have heard of Ontario Proud.

Started by a former Sun News colleague of mine named Jeff Ballingall, Ontario Proud is the most active political Facebook page in Canada.

They barely operate a website, instead they live on social media and helped drive the narrative in the last provincial campaign.

After helping frame Kathleen Wynne as out of touch with Ontario voters, Ballingall wants to do the same with Justin Trudeau.

And that is what has the MSM worried.

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