Liberal reporters and pundits keep blaming the president for partisan divide and recent violence — but the voters have another point of view

Life Zeete
November 4, 2018

A majority of U.S. voters actually believe the media have done more to divide this country than President Donald Trump’s rhetoric has — despite the media’s repeated insistence that Trump must tone things down, according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll released Thursday.

Approximately 64 percent of voters said that mainstream media outlets have “done more to unite or divide the country since President Trump took office,” while only 17 percent thought the media have done “more to unite” the country.

Meanwhile, 56 percent of voters think Trump “has done more to unite or divide the country since he took office” — while 30 percent said he has “done more to unite” the country.

Politico and Morning Consult surveyed 2,543 registered voters for the poll between October 25-30.

Two main topics dominated the national discourse during that time period: the string of suspicious packages containing crude explosive devices that were sent to CNN’s New York City bureau and prominent Democrats, as well as the shooting massacre that targeted Jewish-Americans in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, last Saturday.
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