(In this May 2, 2011, file photo, a voter casts a ballot in the 2011 federal election in Toronto.Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS)


by Candace Malcolm

October 6, 2018

An asylum seeker who has only been in Canada for 18 months was sent a voter registration card from Elections Canada, the Sun has learned.

The letter, dated Sept. 12, 2018 and addressed to Jacqueline, a woman who arrived in Canada in the spring of 2017, informs her that she is “not currently registered to vote in federal elections.”

The letter urges her to register by Oct. 23, 2018, stating that, “registering in advance will ensure you’re on the voters list and will save you time at the polls.”

It is not clear how Jacqueline ended up on an Elections Canada list. The Sun has chosen not to identify Jacqueline’s last name as her refugee case is pending and public identification can put the outcome of such cases at risk. Her and her husband are asylum seekers from Mexico, and have not yet received permanent immigration status in Canada.

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