Dianne Feinstein (Alex Wong / Getty Images)


by Dick Morris

WJ The Western Journal
October 4, 2018

Democrats overreached in their opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

It may cost them the House and the Senate.

The blatant display of partisanship and the spectacle of the women accusing the judge of sexual misconduct 35 years ago put the true face of the current Democratic Party on display for all to see. And it was far from pretty.

The radicalism, rashness and rudeness of the party’s new faithful was disgusting to many swing voters and suggested to them that they dare not trust these folks with the majority. (The fact is, they have been even more extreme and beyond-the-pale than Trump has been lately.)

The evidence is becoming unmistakable. In the polling after the Kavanaugh hearings:

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