by Arianna Jeret


October 2, 2018

Oh, Bill Clinton. Something about the 42nd President of the United States of America is just incredibly hard not to be fond of. I don’t know if it’s charisma or charm or some magical Southern “gentleman” aura, but from his infamous penchant for McDonald’s to his uncontainable joy for balloons, good old Bubba has a smooth as glass way of keeping the people smiling…

And perhaps because he is just so gosh darn adorable, something about the man known as Slick Willie and Teflon Bill also keeps the people quiet… about the way he has skated by horrific allegations of rape, sexual assault, and harassment over the past FIVE DECADES.

And yet, as news story after news story about the way powerful men like Harvey Weinstein have been behaving this way unchecked for longer than any of us want to admit flood Google and social media news feeds daily, barely a whisper is breathed within them about Clinton’s highly problematic past. In fact, when Clinton’s troubling past has been raised by Conservatives, even Liberals as profoundly outspoken on behalf of assault survivors as Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca are somehow able to disassociate their beloved Bill’s behavior from that of men like Mark Halperin, Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Roy Price, Bill Cosby and Leon Wieseltier.

Over the course of the past 48 years, Clinton has been repeatedly accused of serious criminal misconduct against women.

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